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Types of Online Casino Players

Online casinos have continuously evolved to keep up with the advancement in technology. It has changed so much since it first became available to the public. But one of the things that remained the same is the casino players.

Casino players are the reason why casinos, whether it be brick and mortar or online casinos, are alive.

Let us learn about the different types of online casino players you can usually encounter in your casino journey.

  • The Newbie

Every expert player started out as newbies. There are new players joining every single day which helps the online gambling industry rake in billions of dollars. While newbies may not know much about gambling, they are sometimes the ones with the biggest wins during their first few weeks because of the “beginner’s luck” factor.

  • The Expert

These are the gamblers who usually appear cocky, playing quietly but with a sharp sense of humor. Casino games to them aren’t just some game of luck, but rather, a strategic game waiting to be solved. You usually can’t talk to them because they’re playing seriously and waiting for their win. But they do dish out the most helpful tips to gamblers.

  • The Black Cat

This refers to gamblers who have the worst of luck. They’re cursed with winning little to nothing. But these people are persistent. With every defeat, they just keep on getting right back up because they believe they make their own luck.

  • The Cheap Thrill

There are players who are afraid to risk a huge amount of money so they stick to betting the minimum bet possible. This is fun for them since they get to play longer without worrying about bankrupting their accounts.

  • The Ghost

Most online casino players are ghost players since you don’t actually see them physically. But the ghosts are actually those players who bet huge amounts of money while using aliases or proxy bettors. You can never know who these mysterious people are. What we know is that these types of players exist which makes online casino gambling all the more exciting.

  • The Complete Jerk

It’s hard to be surrounded with these types of players. He or she is usually chill while playing relatively well. However, the moment they lose, the atmosphere turns a full 180 degrees, and all hell breaks loose. They complain about the pettiest things and do so in a manner that makes them hard to be around with. They can go on berating dealers for their losses or blame fellow gamblers. While they can make your casino life a bit hard, they do add a bit of spice to everyday casino life.

  • The Zen Master

These are the players loved by many. They play like professionals, they know the games, and they know their limits. These players are relaxed, friendly and easy to be around with. As with all kinds of players, they also lose. But they take it in stride and knows that there is always a silver lining. Losing don’t make them stop from being nice. They continue to understand that online casino gambling is just a game and maintain an unwavering commitment to their betting structure.


You will encounter a number of different players all throughout your casino journey. While each player may not be your ideal gambling companion, they have the ability to enhance your online gambling session.

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