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Common Slot Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Online casinos are not complete without slots machines. These modern slots are now carrying impressive themes, high-quality graphics, and wonderful bonus features, along with major jackpot prizes.

Playing slots may seem like a no-brainer but do you know that it’s actually possible to make mistakes playing it? Just hitting a button can mean not getting an optimal play. 

We will show you the most common slot mistakes and how to address them. Let’s turn your gameplay around so you get the most of your online casino slots experience.

  • Not Using Slot Bonus Offers

Most online slots have bonus offers with poor terms and conditions. This means you need to play for a long time and you will just end up losing your money before you can cash out.

You need to take advantage of the extra spins so you can have enough money to meet the bonus conditions and cash out a big win.

  • Starting with Real Money

Take advantage of the “free play” mode before getting into the real money action. You get all the action, the beautiful sounds, and effects, without risking anything. It is also a great way to learn all the intricacies of your chosen game. Using play money is an effective way to figure out how the bonuses work.

  • Ignoring RTP rates

Players usually choose a random slot machine and start playing. This is a common mistake made by players, after all, who can resist the allure of a slot machine featuring all your favorite characters right? 

However, doing your research before playing a new game can be greatly beneficial to you. Know the return to player (RTP) rates. If it’s lower than the average, avoid the game. Never ignore these rates. A higher RTP rate means you can play longer; this is because you have higher chances of winning. And the longer you can play, the higher the chances of winning the jackpot. 

  • Betting Too Much on Each Spin

Every slot machine has a house edge percentage programmed into it. This percentage dictates how much the casino makes from the machine. This is also the reason why you can’t really make money from playing real money slots.

The math is actually simple. Since the amount of money each slot machine makes is already programmed at a percentage, the more you bet, the more you lose money. Play with the lowest bet amount on each spin to reduce the risk of losing money.

  • Playing Without a Stop Win Limit

Slot machines are programmed in a way that it makes money in the long term. But if you play wisely, you can win in the short term. All you need to do is set a stop win limit. It means you need to set a limit amount that’s higher than the amount you started with. If your balance reaches that point, you stop playing and cash out. A stop win slot limit is the only way to lock in your profit from the machines.


Slot machines are fun and the best ones keep us coming back for more. Now that you know the usual mistakes players make on slot machines, you have the power to fix it when you find yourself committing it. All these tips can enhance your slots experience, but in the end, the most important tip is to have fun. 

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